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Our Company ethics are best demonstrated through our fairness, compassion, integrity, honor, and responsibility to our doctors and patients.


Discovery starts in our Research Laboratories, where our scientists work to discover new products and medicines that will help solve our world’s greatest health challenges.



Today we can accomplish things at a pace that was once unimaginable.  We conquer market challenges through strategic partnering, alliances, and the adoption of a smarter business model.

What We Do

Clinical Trials: Leaf Vertical is an innovative, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical research company that is committed to discovering and developing novel therapeutics from its proprietary cannabinoid product platform. Our formulas are novel discoveries for improving health and well-being of cancer patients around the world. Operating through the FDA New Drug Application process, we continue to focus our research on conditions that represent some of today’s most significant health challenges like cancer and neurological disease. At Leaf Vertical, we’re combining our experience, scientific research and business acumen to do more of what we’re passionate about: improving health and improving lives.

Cancer DNA sequencing: Each person’s cancer has a unique combination of genetic changes, and tumor DNA sequencing is a test to identify these unique DNA changes. In some cases, knowledge of the genetic alterations in a cancer can help determine a treatment plan. Our DNA Cancer Screening division has multiple oncology practices across the country where samples are collected and tested for DNA mutations that give insight to oncologist for heading off cancer before it becomes life threatening to their patients. 

Our Operations

We Have That Covered

Genetic Cancer Testing

Leaf Vertical provides many oncology practices in multiple states across the US, genetic cancer screening services. We specialize in providing comprehensive genetic cancer screening for oncologists and their patients along with support services.


Working with molecules that exist in nature and discovering the keys to the cures, shows us nature had it right all along. Better Science. Better Lives. Better Medicine.

Clinical Studies

Our clinical studies have shown amazing results in subjects with multiple myeloma, GI malignancies, and breast cancer. Look out cancer. We have you in our sights.

Something About Us

Our Mission

Leaf Vertical is focused on improving family care and wellness. Our mission is to extend the life of every family member so they can enjoy life with the next generation.

Cancer works in direct conflict to our mission. We endeavor, hope and aspire to find the big “breakthrough” cancer drug. Realistically, incremental advances for rare or difficult-to-treat cancers also make a huge difference to patients who do not respond to current treatments.

Steady incremental advances in research and development are vital to positively impact the way cancer is treated. In 1975, fewer than half of people diagnosed with cancer survived five years. Today, two out of three people diagnosed with cancer survive at least five years.

According to the well-known saying, “necessity is the mother of invention”; in other words, people invent things because society has difficult problems that need solving. It would be more accurate to say that inventions succeed when they do useful jobs that people recognize need doing. You could then say that “saving lives is the mother of all inspirations.”

Some inventions appear because of scientific breakthroughs. Here at Leaf, we strive to discover new things in medicine. Some things are more obvious than others and some things would never happen in nature or without inspiration. The single driving force behind what we do is to extend or save lives. Thats our biggest goal. 


We Are Committed To Making A Difference In Cancer Treatment

Countless lives of everyday people around the world are devastated by a cancer diagnosis, each day. We want to make a difference and develop novel treatments that save lives and give people hope.

Cannabis Experts

From research to clinical studies to manufacturing, we have been there and have first hand, expert knowledge. 

  • Formula Discovery
  • Clinical Research
  • Safety & Efficacy Data
  • FDA New Drug Application Process
  • Team of Experienced Professionals

The challenge of working on a medicine from its beginning, to the point where it can help patients, is what makes us thrive.

Our mission is clear.

Cancer Cases Continue to Rise.

Lets Make A Difference Together
By 2025, new cancer cases worldwide
14 million people worldwide were diagnosed with cancer in 2014.
While global cancer cases continue to rise, the fight is personal. Its all about life
The success shows in our data.

Our goal is to be at the heart of the cannabis industry as an innovator of FDA approved formulas that combat disease, and save lives. Then, expand that same model across the globe. 

Beaudon SpauldingPresident

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Executive Statements

  • Obstacles in research are difficult, thats what makes the process challenging. We do this for many reasons, not only patients and their loved ones but also for those focused on treating cancer and developing new treatments.

    Beaudon Spaulding

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