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The Best Team In Business

Philip Arlen PhD

Research Director

Kyle Smith PMP, CCRP

Director, Business Development

Beaudon Spaulding

President, Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah Katta, DO

Medical Director


William Fisher: CEO

William Fisher is CEO of Leaf Vertical. William is an excellent leader and businessman with a Wharton Business School education. He is responsible in large-part for bringing cannabis cancer research the forefront of oncology. Collaboration with local Orlando oncologist as well as national medical institutions, Mr. Fisher is a leader in the field. He also sits on the board of the CBDRA (Cannabidiol Regulatory Agency) and many local community leadership boards.

Stella Vnook BA, BS, MBA

Stella has a BA/BS in microbiology and pharmacy, specializing in Oncology and MBA in Marketing.Mrs. Vnook is a nationally recognized thought leader and a healthcare Industry expert presenting on various U.S. and global conferences. She also holds multiple Advisory / Board positions in nonprofit organizations.

Stella is a Vice President of Managed Markets and Trade at Assertio Pharmaceuticals. Stella has been a leader in Pharmaceutical industry for over 20 year and held executive positions at Jazz Pharma, Purdue, and Merck &Co. She has lead Catalent,LLC – technology expert and CMO (Commercial Manufacturing Organization) through the best-in-class IPO offering and led multiple BD acquisitions around the globe.

Stella is a Chair of the Board for Chrolich Biotech – a new innovative biotech company establishing its foundation in US with its groundbreaking biologic indicated for treatment of Diabetes and its complications.

Beaudon Spaulding: President

Beaudon is a Business Development / Sales & Marketing Executive with 22 years of C-level experience.  An entrepreneur at heart; and frequent speaker at National Conferences.  Mr Spaulding’s career began in 1996 during his sophomore year in college, when he founded the “GreenFone” and sold the organization to Swiss Telecom in 1999.  His proficiency in the Online World includes: Behavioral Intent Marketing, Digital Ad Serving, Digital Advertising, Ad Serving Technologies (methods of delivery), and Ad Operations. His proven experience will enable Leaf Vertical to attain its patient recruitment goals throughout their clinical trials and into post market approvals. 


Sarah F Katta, DO: Medical Director

Dr. Sarah Katta is a medical oncologist in Orlando, Florida and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Florida Hospital, Health Central Hospital and Orlando Health. She specializes in Medical Oncology and operates Southwest Cancer Center, one of the largest oncology practices with multiple locations in the central Florida area.


Philip Arlen, PhD: Research Director

Dr. Arlen earned a BS in Biology from Cornell University and PhD in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics from the University of California, Los Angeles. He holds a faculty appointment as Assistant Professor in the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Central Florida and is a member of the Board of Directors of BioFlorida, the state’s trade association for the life sciences industry.

Dr. Arlen’s career began at the Prostate Cancer Foundation, where he helped Michael Milken create the first nationwide organization of translational research scientists and clinicians dedicated to eradicating prostate cancer. Prior to founding Revolution Medicine, Dr. Arlen was a faculty member at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Orlando, Florida. He directed the Early Stage Interventions Laboratory, which studied the relationship between cancer and the immune system, with specific areas of focus in cancer vaccines, tumor biomarkers, and immunodiagnostics.


Kyle Smith, PPM, CCRP: Executive Vice President of Clinical Operations

Kyle Smith has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical & clinical research industry including: Business development, site optimization, clinical enrollment & retention, clinical monitoring, project management, intent data & metric driven analytics, strategic planning & feasibility, clinical operations and patient centric initiatives.

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