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Stella K. Vnook, BA, BS, MBA

Board Member


Stella Vnook is a Vice President  of Managed Markets and Trade at Assertio Pharmaceuticals. Stella has been a leader in Pharmaceutical industry for over 20 year and held executive positions at Jazz Pharma, Purdue, and Merck &Co.

She has lead Catalent,LLC – technology expert and CMO (Commercial Manufacturing Organization) through the best-in-class IPO offering and led multiple BD acquisitions around the globe.

Stella has a BA/BS in microbiology and pharmacy, specializing in Oncology and MBA in Marketing.

Stella is a Chair of the Board for Chrolich Biotech – a new innovative biotech company establishing its foundation in US with its groundbreaking biologic indicated for treatment of Diabetes and its complications.

Stella is also a Board Member for Leaf Vertical, Biotech in Florida specializing in new treatment in oncology and Senior Advisor to ViaClean Inc., Bioprect Technology, specializing in new bacterial eliminating technology.

Mrs. Vnook is a nationally recognized thought leader and a healthcare Industry expert presenting on various U.S. and global conferences. She also holds multiple Advisory / Board positions in nonprofit organizations.

Her passion is to help new biotech start ups successfully commercialize their product.

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Email : svnook@LeafVertical.com